Ol' Nelly Probiotics

Probiotics Additives for Animal Nutrition

Ol’ Nelly probiotics contain the highest quality of natural resources and microorganisms to support and strengthen your animal’s gut health and immune system.
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Why Ol’ Nelly Probiotics?

Backed by Research

Multifunctional probiotic strains that prevent the growth of bad bacteria and enhance nutrient absorption.

Natural Ingredients

Made with natural ingredients and sustainably sourced from our farm. No chemicals or added preservatives. Ever.


We want you to know what's in our products. That's why we make sure all of our labeling is transparent.
Udderly Nutritious

Optimize Farm Production & Animal Performance

Give your animals the boost they need to remain strong and healthy during high stocking rates, harsh environmental conditions, sickness, and injuries. Ol’ Nelly probiotics are game-changers that improve animal health, performance, and farming environments for sustainable animal production.

Our complete line of animal probiotics includes silage inoculants, polymer-coated urea, and more; all of which can be added to feed, premixes, cores, and supplements.

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We're Better, Duh

Ol’ Nelly Probiotics

Our products

Organically made ingredients

Our methods

Strict quality control for beginning-to-end traceability


Grown, collected, and produced sustainably


No chemicals, no preservatives, and no bull. Just transparency.
Bigger But Not Better

Average Probiotics

Their products

Enhanced and processed ingredients

Their Methods

Methods geared towards mass production


No commitment to the environment

Vague Labeling

Hidden ingredients and preservatives like palm fruit oil
Ol’ Nelly Probiotics | Natural Premium Animal Supplements

Organic Science-Based Formulas for your Pets

Fur babies are family. Our organic probiotics are designed to improve your pet’s quality of life and ease your worries.

We're committed to making the best natural probiotic solution available, which means we only use natural ingredients that serve a targeted purpose in our products. No concerning additives like palm fruit oil or added chemicals means no more tummy or poop troubles.

Helps with Digestive Needs & Weight Management
Maintains Energy
Supports the Immune System
Reduces Stress
Our origin story

About Ol' Nelly Probiotics

Ol’ Nelly is a family-owned business specializing in biotechnology and inspired by organic animal health. Over the past three decades, we’ve developed natural products for animals using probiotic microorganisms.

We are committed to offering the best quality in the industry with safe beginning-to-end traceability. All of our products are made with environmental preservation in mind. Our ingredients come from sustainable resources and contain no harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Our Values: Environment, Innovation, Integrity, Respect, Commitment, and Excellence

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